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Multilingualism and NLP

2010 Volume 51 Number 2.

Direction : Emmanuel Morin (LINA, Université de Nantes, France) and Holger Schwenk (LIUM, Université du Maine, France).


It has now been ten years since the last issue of the TAL journal on the subject of multilingualism and this topic has become a reality that cannot be ignored, in particular on the Internet. While the English language largely dominated a decade ago, the representation of Chinese, Hindi or Spanish is tending to reveal the real importance of these languages. Today, the Internet better reflects the diversity of national and regional languages. Logically, the computer applications that are developed - either in machine translation, in cross-language information retrieval, in computer-assisted writing or language learning... - must illustrate this reality by taking account of more and more diverse languages, sometimes with great linguistic differences between them.

This special issue of the TAL journal ( aims at giving an overall picture of NLP research on multilingualism.

The following topics (this is a non-exhaustive list) will be considered:
-  Mining and alignment from multilingual corpora ;
-  Extraction of parallel segments from comparable corpora;
-  Extraction of multilingual lexicon from multilingual corpora.
-  Building and using multilingual resources;
-  Using monolingual resources in multilingual systems;
-  Generalization of the approaches in analysis or in machine translation;
-  Building and using language typologies.

Fields of application could include:
-  Automatic or semi-automatic translation methods;
-  Cross-language information retrieval;
-  Multilingual analysis and generation;
-  Multilingual document categorization;
-  Computer-assisted writing or language learning.

In addition to the suggested topics, the papers that reflect on the generalization of practices acquired for a given pair of languages (such as English and French) when transposing methods to unrelated languages will be appreciated.


TAL (Traitement Automatique des Langues / Natural Language Processing) is a forty year old international journal published by ATALA (French Association for Natural Language Processing) with the support of CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). It has moved to an electronic mode of publication, with printing on demand. This affects in no way its reviewing and selection process.


Emmanuel Morin, LINA, Université de Nantes, France Holger Schwenk, LIUM, Université du Maine, France


Authors intending to submit a paper are encouraged to contact the chief editors of the journal:

-  Emmanuel Morin (Université de Nantes, LINA-CNRS, France) and
-  Holger Schwenk (LIUM, Université du Maine, France)

Contributions (25 pages maximum, PDF format) must be sent by e-mail to the addresses below:



Style sheets are available for download on the Web site of the journal.


-  19 February 2010: Statement of intent to submit (detailed summary, 1 page)
-  26 February 2010: Submission deadline
-  07 May 2010: First decision of the editorial board
-  07 June 2010: Revised version of the accepted papers
-  12 July 2010: Final decision of the editorial board
-  01 September 2010: Final version of the accepted papers
-  end of 2010: Publication


-  Núria Bel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
-  Laurent Besacier, LIG, Université de Grenoble 1, France
-  Romaric Besançon, CEA, France
-  Hervé Blanchon, LIG, Université de Grenoble 1, France
-  Nicola Cancedda, XRCE, France
-  Pascale Fung, University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
-  Eric Gaussier, LIG, Université de Grenoble 1, France
-  Gregory Grefenstette, Exalead, France
-  Tony Hartley, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
-  Pierre Isabelle, NRC-CNRC, Canada
-  Kyo Kageura, University of Tokyo, Japan
-  Olivier Kraif, LIDILEM, Université de Grenoble, France
-  Marie-Claude L’Homme, Université de Montréal, Canada
-  Aurélien Max, LIMSI, Université Paris Sud 11, France
-  Bruno Pouliquen, WIPO, NU
-  Violaine Prince, LIRMM, Université de Montpellier, France
-  Aarne Ranta, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
-  Jean Senellart, Systran, France
-  Michel Simard, NRC-CNRC, Canada
-  Monique Slodzian, INALCO, France
-  Kamel Smaïli, LORIA, Université de Nancy, France
-  Eric Wehrli, LATL, Université de Genève, Switzerland

Date de dernière mise à jour : 2 March 2010, auteur : Rédacteurs en chef.